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“Is there anyone outside of your company challenging you to grow yourself and your business?” INC.

Leaders are continually asked to accelerate results – to do more with less – less resources, less time, less people. The volatility of our world is challenging – changing competition, technology, economic shocks and business scandals. The level of complexity is not decreasing either. Executives are asked to manage an international workforce, be available 24/7, report to multiple bosses in a matrix organization, and lead multiple generations. Leaders need to help their people create (and more importantly EXECUTE) new ideas – with employees who are much more cynical. Layoff after layoff has rocked the trust of employees, so it’s harder to tap into their intrinsic motivation. With all of these challenges, executives are burning out – they need more leverage, and sometimes an external partner to help with blind spots.

We hear the following statements from CEOs to mid-level leaders across many industries. Does any of this sound familiar?

  • My people just don’t do what I need them to do.
  • My executive team is not moving in the same direction.
  • I’m moving from government into the private sector, and it’s more challenging than I thought.
  • I’m having a conflict with a colleague.
  • The Board can’t make up its mind about a strategic decision.
  • It takes too long to get things done around here.
  • My career trajectory has hit a plateau.
  • My boss and I are not on the same page.
  • We don’t have a strategy.
  • We aren’t certain that our large-scale initiatives are the most effective they could be.
  • My team is burning out, and I think I am too.
  • Turnover is high and good people leave. We have a strategy but it’s not getting done.
  • We need to turnaround this organization.
  • If I’m going to succeed in this role, I need some new skills.
  • The culture needs to change and it’s resisting my efforts to change it
  • We have an opportunity to take things to the next level and I’m not sure how.
  • I need someone to bounce ideas off of – like a sparring partner.
  • I got some negative feedback about a behavior I have, and I need to change it.

Our Mission:

GECG, LLC is a senior leader consulting and executive coaching firm focused on accelerating results in areas such as communication, influence, conflict resolution, strategic thinking, employee engagement and accountability, high performance, and work-life balance, using cutting edge research into best practices to deliver measurable results. Our specialties are:  executive consulting and coaching, strategic intervention, program and performance evaluation, needs assessment, conflict resolution, trust, team engagement, leadership development, high performance, work-life balance, nonprofit development, private practice development, marketing for entrepreneurs, public speaking, facilitation, and teaching.