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Fire Your CEO? Collaboration is Key

Leadership for the Real World Issue 1

CollaborationThe old “command and control” leadership style is less and less effective. According to a new book, The Collaboration Economy, CEOs cannot be successful without partnering with stakeholders (not only shareholders.)

The author, Eric Lowitt, interviewed 21 CEOs from around the world who embody the way forward for 21st-century leadership. Although they represent small, mid-size and large companies, they all share some key characteristics, one of which is that they believe that companies are no longer capable of solely determining their destiny. Instead, they said companies must work to influence the outcome through long-range planning, partnerships and acting in concert with their stakeholders (often ignored in favor of shareholders).

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GECG, LLC has an excellent framework for building collaboration with internal teams and across a wide stakeholder base. If your company would like assistance in this area, just call or email for more information (no pressure, email spam, or sales-y pressure, guaranteed!)




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